Sarah Brady Pleads For Money, Calls For Wider Background Checks.

Author:Thurman, Russ
Position:Industry Watch

The flagship of the gun-control movement, Handgun Control Inc. (HCI-Brady Campaign), continues to flounder, with its leadership seeking desperately needed financial support. In November, Sarah Brady, chair of HCI, pleaded for money in a national email alert sent to tens of thousands of supporters.

"Regretfully, I must report to you that in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on America, we have been forced to make significant cutbacks in our programs, threatening our ability to fight for a safer America," Brady wrote. "We desperately need your help now more than ever."

Citing a "generous donor" who is matching 50 percent of donations, Brady asked donors to, "please help us take advantage of this opportunity at this critical time when so much is at stake for our country."

While HCI has been hit hard financially, Brady continues to call for stricter background checks for gun sales, citing "compelling evidence" that terrorists have obtained guns and ammunition "from unregulated gun markets in this country, such as gun shows."

"This is why the Brady Campaign is aggressively pushing for new legislation that would add three-gun safety measures to anti-terrorist efforts being undertaken by Congress and the Justice Department,"

First, HCI is calling for "comprehensive criminal background checks for absolutely all gun purchases, whether they are made at licensed gun dealers, gun shows, flea markets or through classified ads."

Second, HCI is proposing "permanent retention of all firearms sales records to ensure that...

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