"Santa Fe Epiphany.".

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Why do we always return to this Unique and spiritual place, Santa Fe? Forty-four years of being draw to The 'Land of Enchantment' and its people.

Side trips to the nine Northern Pueblos Through Chimayo and up to Truchas. Following the ghost of Georgia O'Keefe, Lurking in the hills of Abiquiu, Near Suzanne and Bob.

Remembering the Impressionism and Pacificism of Tommy Macione, along with Jim Wing's garden

And the spirits of D. H. Lawrence and Frieda Enshrined on a hill just north of Taos.

Stories of Mabel Dodge Luhan, Sally, Stu, and Daphne Who lured Carol, Bob, June and Jack. Pioneers like the Mitchells, Roys, Wests, and Weils; And recollections of Jan, Todd and Robi, Collectively redeemed by Kim, Kendel and Kelly. They all return to the Sangre de...

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