A Sanctuary of Trees.

Author:Grath, Pamela
Position:Book review

Gene Logsdon (author); A SANCTUARY OF TREES; Chelsea Green Publishing (Nonfiction: Nature) 19.95 ISBN: 9781603584012

Byline: Pamela Grath

Gene Logsdon is a man with a mission: He wants to encourage Americans to maintain small, home woodlots, heat with wood, and return to what he calls a wood culture and a wood economy. A Sanctuary of Trees, Logsdon's latest book, discusses in detail the feasibility of depending on wood for fuel, both for individual households and for the country as a whole. He makes a strong case.

But fuel is not the beginning of Logsdon's story, nor is it his only theme. His book is at least as much a sharing of joy as it is an environmental argument. Chapters one through seven, in particular, have strong autobiographical elements, as the author weaves his growing knowledge of and appreciation for trees into descriptions of the earlier stages of his life. From the groves of a rural boyhood to seminary days in a forest (the forest, not the priesthood, was the attraction), to operating a firewood business after leaving the seminary, and then starting married life in a log cabin; from a surprising suburban experience outside Philadelphia and finally back to southern Ohio to stay, every step of Logsdon's life furthered his outdoor education and led eventually to the realization of the life he wanted to lead.

Everything came together when he...

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