Sanchez, Alex. Rainbow road.

Author:Rohrlick, Paula
Position:Young Adult Review - Book Review

SANCHEZ, Alex. Rainbow road. (Rainbow Trilogy.) Simon & Schuster. 256p. c2005.0-689-86565-1. $16.95. SA

Jason lost a basketball scholarship to college when he came out as gay in his senior year, but now he's been asked to be a speaker at the opening of a new gay/ lesbian/transgender high school in LA, all the way across the country. Road trip! He and his boyfriend Kyle, along with Kyle's best friend Nelson, set out from Virginia and encounter a wide spectrum of the gay experience as they travel the US, from a gay sanctuary to a transgender boy who dresses as Britney Spears, gay bashers who chase them in a truck, and a committed gay couple celebrating their 20th year together. The three teenagers, just graduated from high school, discover a lot about themselves and each other in the course of the trip: smart, sensitive Kyle learns that his idol Jason is only human; Jason continues to feel attracted to girls as well as boys; and outrageous Nelson, who dyes his hair pink, finds love at long last.

This sequel to Rainbow Boys and Rainbow High focuses on the emotional ups and downs of the boys' experiences as they explore their feelings for each other and...

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