Sample Document Hold Notice

AuthorJudson W. Starr/Amy J. McMaster/John F. Cooney/Joseph G. (Jerry) Block/David G. Dickman
Page 459
Sample Litigation Hold Notice
From: XX XXXX X, Company Counsel
Re: Notice to Pre serve and Retain Certai n Records
Date: July X, 20XX
Please be advised that XXXX XX recently received a gra nd jury subpoena issue d by the U.S. District Cour t
for the XXXX X Dist rict of XX XXX requesting the production of certa in categorie s of documents related to
In light of the subpoena, XX XXX has a duty to preserve and mainta in certain documents, records and electroni-
cally stored informat ion (“ESI”), as more fully describe d below. Until further written notice f rom me, XX XXX and
its employees must take a ll reasonable steps to preserve all doc uments, records and ESI that is or may rea sonably be
considered relevant to the followin g categories:
All XXX XX personnel must preser ve and n ot discard, destroy, modif y or delete any documents and electronically
stored info rmation in your possession, custody, or control, in whatever form they now exist, that relate to the categories
listed above.
Electronical ly stored information includes, but is not limited to, all initial, interim, draft , and nal versions of the
following: e-ma il, voice mail, and other electronic communications (e.g., logged IM ); databa ses (e.g., Access, SQL,
Exchange, e tc.); digitized images; database spreads heets (e.g., Excel, etc .); word processing docu ments; PowerPoint®
slides and presentations; computerize d calendars and personal information ma nager (PIM) or personal digital as sis-
tant (PDA) in formation; internet usage, telephone, and network ac cess logs; billin g, accounting, or ledger entries;
web sites and web pages; and all similar data that is stored on, utilized on, or transmitted via a computer or computer
network, including the I nternet. ESI als o includes metadata, which is informat ion about a particu lar record or data
set which d escribes how, when and by whom it was collected, created, accessed, modied and how it is formatted.
All ha rdware and storage media containing such elect ronically stored information must be preser ved, regardless of
whether duplicates of the informat ion exist on other hardw are, systems, or platforms.
Going forward, plea se apply the same instructions in t his Memorandum to any documents created in the future
that relate to any of the categorie s listed above.
Please be certain to err on the side of preservation, and to promptly raise any quest ions or concerns you may have
about this Memorandum or your preservation obligations by contacting Company counsel in this matter, XXX XXX
(phone number) or XXX XXXX X (phone number). ank you for your cooperation.

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