Sales, service define MAG Canada's role.

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MAG Industrial Automation Systems, Sterling Heights, MI, has formed MAG Canada, a sales and service organization that will expand the countrywide support of machine tools, systems, and services from MAG IAS companies, including MAG Boehringer, MAG Cincinnati, MAG Fadal, MAG Giddings & Lewis, MAG Hessapp, MAG Maintenance Technologies, MAG Powertrain, MAG Turmatic Systems, and MAG Cincinnati Automation.

MAG Canada combines a long-established Canadian machine tool firm, UBJ-Boehringer Inc., with an existing local factory-service organization.

UBJ-Boehringer brings 62 years of Canadian manufacturing experience and resources to the new organization. The move is seen as part of a long-term commitment by MAG-IAS to Canada's durable goods manufacturing sector. Headquarters for MAG Canada is a 13,000-sq-ft, full-service facility in Mississauga, Ont. In addition, a fully-staffed sales/service facility is located in St. Laurent, Quebec.

MAG Canada has been transitioning into responsibility for Boehringer, Cincinnati Machine (excluding FTV, CFV, VCNC, and HTC series machines)...

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