A Safe Place for Women.

Author:Hastings, Penny
Position:Book review

Kelly White (author); A SAFE PLACE FOR WOMEN; Hunter House (Nonfiction: Family & Relationships, Nonfiction: Family & Relationships) $17.95 ISBN: 9780897935272

Byline: Penny Hastings

Twenty years after she first sought refuge with her two small children in a battered women's shelter, Kelly White was honored by having a 105-bed shelter in Austin, Texas, named for her. After being a frightened, beaten, humiliated victim of spousal abuse, White transformed her life and discovered the strength she needed to leave her husband and begin working to support her children. She also became passionately involved in the challenge to stop violence against women and children.

White details her own journey in A Safe Place for Women: How to Survive Domestic Abuse and Create a Successful Future. More than a memoir, the book tells the stories of battered women from the author's unique perspective as a formerly abused spouse and from her over twenty-five years professionally helping others in her position.

White says battering is largely a crime of violence perpetrated by men against women. "Every day, domestic violence takes the lives of four women in this country. Almost one-third of female homicide victims reported in police records are killed by an intimate partner." While abuse towards men does happen, "women make up 84 percent of victims of spousal abuse," she says.

White describes the abusive relationship and the indicators of a potentially abusive relationship. She talks about the characteristics of the batterer and gives information about intervention and treatment programs for batterers as well as the battered. But...

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