Hoppe's Famous No. 9 turns 100.

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Hoppe's is Set to celebrate the 100th birthday of its Famous No. 9 Solvent. Since 1903, generations of hunters and shooters throughout the world have used the No. 9 formula, according to Hoppe's. Today, the product is still at the top of Hoppe's line of more than two dozen chemicals developed specifically for gun cleaning, lubrication and protection.

"As Hoppe's first and most enduring product, No. 9 Solvent has defined Hoppe's in many shooters' minds for decades," said Todd Seyfert, vice president of sales and marketing. "For us, No. 9 Solvent is just the beginning. Hoppe's has worked hard to develop a complete line of solvents, lubricants and protectants that uphold the standard of quality and efficacy that No. 9 Solvent has created.

According to Seyfert, Hoppe's officials learned long ago that one product in each category does not make for a successful line.

"As the firearms industry has become more specialized, Hoppe's has responded with chemicals that address the unique needs of specialized weapons," Seyfert said. "Though the line has continued to expand, one thing shooters can always count on is the consistent quality and performance that Hoppe's chemicals deliver."

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