S.C. to have W-4 tax form beginning in 2020.


The South Carolina Department of Revenue has created astate W-4 tax form to be used beginning in 2020.

The W-4 form is used at both the state and federal level to instruct employers how much tax to withhold from an employee's paycheck.

The new State Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate is necessary because allowances have been removed from the federal W-4 beginning in 2020. The state W-4 includes allowances and matches the state's most recent withholding tax tables, said a news release from the Department of Revenue.

This is the first time the state has made a general-use W-4. Previously, the S.C. W-4 was a form for nonresident military spouses claiming to be exempt from state withholding. The exemption is now included as a check box on the new form.

Taxpayers should use the S.C. W-4 if they...

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