Rules of Statutory and Legal Interpretation

AuthorMark G. Daniel/Robert K. Gill
Chapter 7
Rules of Statutory and
Legal Interpretation
Table of Contents
§7:10 Hierarchical Governance
§7:11 Case Law
§7:20 Rules of Statutory and Rules Construction
§7:21 Basic Rules
§7:21.1 Statutory Construction
§7:21.2 Rules Construction
§7:22 Statutory Intentions
§7:22.1 Statutory Law
§7:22.2 Case Law
§7:23 Statute Construction Aids
§7:23.1 Statutory Law
§7:23.2 Case Law
§7:24 Irreconcilable Statutes and Amendments
§7:24.1 Statutory Law
§7:24.2 Case Law
§7:30 Definitions of Words, Phrases and Terms
§7:31 Words and Phrases
§7:31.1 Statutory Law
§7:31.2 Case Law
§7:32 Common and Technical Terms
§7:32.1 Statutory Law
§7:32.2 Case Law
§7:33 Interpretations of Certain Words
§7:40 Headings
§7:50 Prospective Operation of Statutes
§7:60 Special or Local Provision Prevails Over General
§7:61 Statutory Law

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