Rosenbloom, Eileen. Stuck Down.

Author:Cox, Ernie
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

ROSENBLOOM, Eileen. Stuck down. Llewellyn. 230p. c2004. 0-7387-06582. $8.95. S

Eighteen-year-old Kevin is fed up with his strict and overbearing father. During one of their many fights, Kevin leaves for an unapproved skiing trip. On a downhill run, Kevin loses control and crashes into a pine tree--dying instantly. The afterlife in Nirvanaville is much easier living: no parents, a new girlfriend, and plenty of time for playing games. Floating from place to place, accompanied by flowers singing Beatles songs, everything is going well for Kevin until he takes a job as a Nirvanaville messenger. After delivering his message to Earth, he crashes his Nirvanaville-issued motorcycle into a tree, drawing the attention of a police officer. Questions about the ownership of the bike and his...

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