A Rose From Charlie and Marie.

Position:Book review

Dennis Frank Macek; A ROSE FROM CHARLIE AND MARIE; Booksurge Publishing (Fiction) $25.00 ISBN: 1419647652

The terms Buddhist and thriller may not seem like they go together but author Dennis Frank Macek attaches them to one another in A Rose from Charlie and Marie. As his main characters unravel an international terror plot the principles of synchronicity and living life to the fullest guide them in their adventures.

A Rose is the first novel for Macek who has homes in Nevada and Texas. He holds a masters degree in American literature with a creative writing focus and he has been a teacher and an employee of the U.S. government. He is not surprisingly a Buddhist.

The novel begins with Charlies experiences in the Vietnam War where he is kidnapped by a group of guerillas. Charlie eventually becomes a devoted member and helps the group defend the country from destruction. Of course going AWOL in such a manner leaves Charlies legal and political position uncertain when he finally returns to the U.S. He eventually marries Marie a schoolteacher with grit and gumption and their questionable status leads them to unconventional positions as freelance secret agents for the U.S. government.

Charlie and Marie begin their careers unquestioningly performing the tasks required of them but soon they bring their moral senses to bear interfering with activities that they feel are unlawful or harmful. Deeper investigation into their own...

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