Author:Almanza, Lorenzo

Success didn't come easy for Children's Health Chief Compliance Officer, Javier Montemayor, who has endured multiple challenges on his way to the peak. But for Montemayor, this represents an even greater opportunity to impact his community.

During the 2017-2018 medical year Children's Health in Dallas was ranked in eight out of 10 specialties. The listed departments included Orthopedics, Cancer, Urology and a list of many other groups.

One of the reasons Children's Health continues to maintain a high reputation is largely in part due to the many highly-praised employees that work countless hours.

"Along with my colleagues, I place the patient and their family at the center of everything I do," Chief Compliance Officer Javier Montemayor said.

Along with being the Chief Compliance Officer, Montemayor is also the Vice President for Accreditation and Regulatory Affairs. His work and accomplishments go far beyond the status quo of what the values of Children's Health stand for.

"We have to put everything aside and realize we are here for one purpose and that is making life better for children," Montemayor said.

The passion and care Montemayor has for the health care industry roots back into the values he was raised from.

"One thing I don't forget is where I came from and the values my parents instilled in me," he said.

Montemayor's journey in life dates back to his early days growing up in the Rio Grande Valley, where he was born and raised.

Before his tenure at Children's Health, the Chief Compliance Officer grew up in a small town called La Villa, Texas. His parents were both born in Mexico and later became United States Citizens.

While family is the cornerstone for Montemayor, the idea of him going to college became a reality when he decided to get his undergraduates degree at Texas A&M in Kingsville.

"Leaving home and going to college offered me the opportunity to mature, which helped me appreciate my culture and family values even more" Montemayor said referring to his decision to leave home.

Montemayor graduated from Texas A&M Kingsville in 1994 with a degree in Business Administration and soon after began working in visual merchandising in the Houston area.

While working at a local hospital during his undergraduate years, Montemayor's work was mainly focused on small projects within Human Resources.

Montemayor's calling soon came after. He always had an interest in health care and knew he had to do something about it.

"Early on I was...

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