A Room of Rain.

Author:Charpentier, Julia Ann
Position:Book review

Gary Fincke; A ROOM OF RAIN; Vandalia Press, imprint of WVU Press (Fiction: Short Stories) 16.99 ISBN: 9781940425207

Byline: Julia Ann Charpentier

Hardcore journalism meets the neighborhood gossip in this innovative collection of twelve short stories.

Told secondhand and infused with a storyteller's voice, A Room of Rain takes the literary tourist on gripping, tour-bus-style escapades that examine the dark side of life from a safe, somewhat distant standpoint. Award-winning Gary Fincke is at his best in this gritty collection, involving the curious without sickening the sensitive.

Every word is delegated a specific duty in a work that leaves little to the imagination. Tight, immaculate prose provides the details for scenarios that are vivid and realistic. Bringing into play all five senses, Fincke creates the vicarious experiences that connoisseurs of intellectual fiction seek. His sentences are packed with potent adjectives and powerful verbs -- a muscular use of language.

These stories span a broad range of events that would typically make the news -- coldblooded murder, tragic accidents, and illegal behavior in a variety of situations that call into question morals as well as ethics. Criminal actions are not always a catalyst, but even in these...

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