Romania's Generous Cashback For International Productions.


As a result of the lobby activities of various Romanian film industry organizations since the end of 2018, including the Creative Romanian Film Makers association, the Romanian government has approved a state aid program that offers a 35 percent cash rebate on qualified expenditures for international productions shooting in Romania.

An extra 10 percent can be obtained if the story or the main characters are Romanians. Productions that spend 20 percent of their total budgets toward local expenses can also get an extra 10 percent. Thus, a production that meets all of these specifications could claim a rebate of up to 45 percent.

This makes the Romanian film incentive the most generous one in Europe and one of the most generous ones worldwide.

The program runs until December 31, 2020, but is expected to be extended until 2022. Program details can be found at:

Eligible productions that can benefit from the cash rebate include service productions, with the involvement of a registered Romanian film production company; co-productions between either European or other international companies with financial and/or creative participation of a Romanian co-producer; and Romanian films.

The minimum of qualified expenses is 100,000 euro, and there is a total cap per project of 10 million euro. The yearly budget to fund the program is 50 million euro.

All films must meet the cultural criteria test, which follows the usual cultural eligibility tests in Europe. All film categories qualify, from short and medium fiction...

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