Rockwell Collins Releases New Airborne Radio.

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Rockwell Collins has produced the next generation of its networked communications airborne radio, which allows users to develop their own waveforms for the system, according to a company executive.

The system--known as the AR-1500--is derived from the ARC-210 and Talon radio technologies.

"It's the most powerful ARC-210 we've developed to date," said Trent Trpkosh, business development manager for the ARC-210/Talon communications systems. The system provides secure communications features for transferring data, voice and imagery and provides mobile ad hoc networked communications, according to Rockwell Collins.

The AR-1500 is the company's first international radio with L band, he said, which means it operates in the frequency range of 1 to 2 GHz.

"L band is used for networking. We envision this radio being a networking radio," he noted. The device is part of the company's TruNet family of radios, which includes ground and handheld systems, he noted.

All devices in the family are either one or two channels, he said. "The architecture is the same. It's a family--it's a lot easier for waveforms to be developed and put across the air and ground." This means the device can also network with the company's...

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