Big Rock is driven to support independent dealers.

Author:Boyles, Carolee
Position:Outdoor Marketplace

Big Rock Sports is a national distributor that knows how to add dollars to a dealer's bottom line. Just attending a Big Rock trade show is a moneymaker. During 2002, combined cash and prize giveaways at Big Rock shows will exceed $100,000. In January, $10,000 will go to a dealer attending Henry's 30th annual dealer show. Another $5,000 will be given to a dealer attending AWR's dealer show, now in its seventh year and taking place in January as well. Additional money will go to dealers at each of Big Rock's shows.

In addition, dealers who order at the shows can tap into a number of specials that pay dividends all year. The cash, prizes and specials are part of Big Rock's mission to support dealers.

"What we're trying to accomplish is national distribution with our focus on serving the needs of independent dealers," said Adrian Holler, Big Rock's chairman and CEO. "We mean to provide a service level so that we can get goods to any dealer in the country within two days.

"We're able to do that in the Pacific Northwest with All Sports, in the southwest with AWR Sports, in the upper Midwest with CSI, and with Henry's being positioned centrally on the East Coast, we can distribute from Maine to Florida."

MT Sports, the newest Big Rock distributor, gives the company coverage in Rocky Mountain states.

Dealer Buying Shows

Trade shows enhance Big Rock's national distribution. There will be five Big Rock shows in 2002. More than 700 different manufacturers will be represented at the Henry's show, with 400 to 500 at the other shows. About 3,000 dealers attend at least one Big Rock Sports show each year.

"The Big Rock Sports dealer shows are the largest dealer shows in the industry," said John Topping, director of marketing. "Every single company represented comes not to show product, but to sell product. And dealers come not just to look at what's new, they come to buy."

For dealers who attend those shows, the company offers a number of ordering and dating advantages. First, according to Topping, just attending the show and placing an order, rather than ordering over the telephone, saves dealers up to 10 percent on many products.

"If a dealer buys selected products at the show, he gets 10 percent cash back," Topping said. "So if he buys $50,000 worth of these products at the show, he immediately puts $5,000 cash in his pocket that he walks out of the show with."

In addition, by placing an order at the show, the dealer gets "show dating." This gives the...

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