A robust market for director education.

Author:Lapides, Paul D.
Position:The Shape of Things to Come - Brief Article

DIRECTORS HAVE BEEN going back to school for almost a decade now to study introductory and advanced topics in corporate governance at Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, Northwestern, and Kennesaw State. In addition, thousands of directors have attended programs offered by the National Association of Corporate Directors. Directors who want to do a good job -- and that's most directors -- have been requesting, "Tell me what I need to know about my duties and responsibilities...specific aspects of corporate governance...what I should be reading."

More recently, the demand for director-education programs has expanded, as evidenced by the successful introduction of new programs at Dartmouth, Delaware, NYU, UCLA, and Wisconsin. Several other schools are expected to announce new programs in the next year or two. Already an excellent source of corporate governance information, Web-based director-education programs should be available soon.

Today's demand is driven by informed shareholders, board chairs, and CEOs who expect more from directors, and regulators and...

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