Rivers, Karen. Surviving Sam.

Author:Finch, Tricia
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

Polestar, Raincoast Books, dist. by Advanced Global Distribution. 206p. c2001. 1-55192-506-0. $6.95. JS

What happens when you lose your best friend, your twin? That's the situation facing Pagan Riddler. She and her twin brother Sain are on a hiking trip to celebrate their 14th birthdays when an accident occurs, and Sam falls over the side of a cliff. Fast-forward three years later, after hospitalization, therapists, and several suicide attempts, to a Pagan who is still unable to come to grips with Sam's death. Slowly, Pagan begins developing a lire. She makes new friends, finds a boyfriend, and resumes former activities and hobbies. Then, when Sam's body is found, she struggles to hold it all together.

Author Karen Rivers has crafted in Pagan a fully rounded teenaged character. Her thoughts reflect those of typical teens, and the dialogue rings true. Pagan experiences a...

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