Rise Like Ra: The Papyrus of Hu-nefer and the Hymn to Amen-Ra, A Modern Rendition for a New Millennium.


This presentation serves as a poetic introduction to ancient Kemetic ecclesiastical literature through a rendition of the original Papyrus of Hu-nefer and the Hymn to Amen-Ra, written during the reign of Seti (1370) in the twentieth and twenty-first dynasties, before the Christian era. The prayer demonstrates the integration of the divine into the African centered paradigm as a practical tool to advance the best of ancient wisdom in a post-modern world community.

I encourage you to read this prayer aloud at least once, with an open consciousness. Hence, you should set all previous belief systems or doctrines aside for a few minutes, to allow your thinking to clear a path for new information. To focus, think of a peaceful place or space in your subconscious, and then gradually close your eyes for a moment. After the moment, open your eyes and simultaneously open your consciousness to new ideals.

After your reading, you should feel the energy of the ancients, calling you to speak truth, do justice, and walk in the way of peace and righteousness.

The Papyrus of Hu-nefer

O Amen-Ra, who rest upon Maat, as you pass over the sky, everyone can see you. Your strength becomes greater as you advance, and your rays shine upon our faces.

Your origin is unknown, and no person has the power to say you have a twin, except you. You are one, even as one who brings a fruit basket.

People praise you in your name, and they swear by you, for you are lord over them. You hear with your ears, and you see with your eyes.

The world is millions of years old; however, no one can tell how many you have lived.

O Amen-Ra, you have declared a day of happiness in the name of a traveler. You have visited many places; millions and hundreds of thousands of years ago, and you have visited in peace. You have visited the watery spaces, and the places you love, all in one little moment of time.

Hymn to Amen-Ra

Praise Amen-Ra, the strength of Annu, the chief of all gods, the beautiful, the beloved, and the giver of life to all cattle.

Homage to Amen-Ra, lord of the thrones of the two lands, and governor of the city of Apts. You are: the strength of my mother, chief of my fields, lord of the South, lord of the Matchau people, prince of Punt, king of heaven, first born god of the earth, lord of things which exist, one of long steps, and the stabilizer of all creation.

Amen-Ra, you are one among the gods by reason. You are: the beautiful strength in the company of the gods, chief of the gods, lord of Maat...

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