Rinaldi, Ann. The letter writer.

Author:Flint-Ferguson, Janis
Position:Brief article - Book review

RINALDI, Ann. The letter writer. Harcourt. 224p. c2008. 978-015-206402-0. $17.00. JS

Ann Rinaldi, well known for her historical fiction, has taken on the fascinating history of the Nat Turner Rebellion in Southhampton County, Virginia in August of 1831. Turner was "loaned" out to the Whitehead Plantation; a much sought-after slave laborer, he was trusted on the plantations where he worked. Rinaldi creates Harriet, the illegitimate daughter of the late plantation owner, who at 11 years old is given the task of writing the correspondence for Mother Whitehead, the plantation matron whose eyesight is failing. In that role she learns much about the workings of the family and the farm, while trying to stay out of the way of her half brother, Richard, a rigid, conservative minister. To practice her skills, she begins writing to her uncle, the acclaimed "black sheep" of the family...

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