A "Right" to Health Can Is Freedom's Death Knell.

Author:Waldman, Deane

"'Healthcare' as one word refers to a system for the organization, financing, and provision of two words, 'health care.'... As two words, health care refers to a highly personal one-to-one, fiduciary service contract between a patient and a physician."

ARIGHT can be defined as "a moral or legal entitlement to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way." The first 10 Amendments to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, delineates the rights of all Americans. People do not have to qualify for these rights or do anything to have them. Simply by being an American, there is a right to free speech, assembly, due process, keep and bear arms, and religious freedom.

In reality, the Bill of Rights puts constraints on the Federal government. Free speech means the government cannot prevent you and only those with appropriate qualifications are allowed to practice medicine or to provide health care.

The word "independence" in the Declaration of Independence refers to the new nation and the persons within that nation. The Founding Fathers declared that the unified 13 colonies freed themselves from control by the British Empire. The Declaration also emphasizes that the newly independent former colonists reject tyranny by a central authority in any form, whether by an aristocracy or some other form of Federal control. Government tyranny is rejected four times in the Declaration. er for consumers' dollars, prices keep going up. The third party is Washington, D.C., for 130,000,000 Americans in Medicare and Medicaid. Insurance companies are the third party for 180,000,000 who have private insurance, mostly employer-supported. Either way, the third party has become the decisionmaker for both buyers and sellers. Third parties decide what medical care U.S. buyers will consume--when, where and even if. Third parties decide what sellers will sell and how much providers--individuals and facilities--will be paid. There is no free market in healthcare as there is everywhere else in the U.S. from voicing your opinion. Religious freedom prevents the government from telling you how to pray or even whether to pray. The Second Amendment prevents the government from taking away your firearms. All of the rights listed in the Bill of Rights boil down to one right: personal freedom from Federal control.

The Bill of Rights is not a list of entitlements. Entitlement refers to a right to have something. You can be entitled to have clean water and clean air. If you are...

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