The right skimmer handles all the burdens of waste oil.

Author:Petrucci, Jim
Position:Plant floor strategies - Oil Skimmers Inc.

Plant personnel are always looking for new tools and equipment to help them run their facility more efficiently. In many manufacturing and processing plants, oily water is present, which prevents a plant from functioning efficiently.


Water has several purposes in a manufacturing or processing facility. It can be used for cooling machinery, washing down equipment, or handling processing tasks. Sometimes, this water picks up oil or grease from surrounding machinery and equipment. Regardless of whether the facility chooses to reuse the water or send it to the city treatment plant, it has to remove the oil. Some plants, however, are not properly equipped to effectively remove oil.

An oil skimmer is the perfect solution. It is a piece of equipment that continuously removes oil from the surface of water. Oil skimmers are used in a wide variety of industries. However, not every facility utilizes an oil skimmer. Below is a guide to knowing why an oil skimmer is needed and how to properly choose the correct skimmer.


The obvious reason to use an oil skimmer is to remove oil from water. Aside from this, there are beneficial reasons for using an oil skimmer. Using an oil skimmer can save a

plant both time and money.

* Removed waste oil can be valuable to other industries that develop products with the waste oil. For example, waste petroleum oil can also be recycled and cleaned, and receive additives to help make new petroleum oil.

* Some plants recirculate their water after treatment, and so me send it to a city treatment plant. Whichever method is used, the removal of oil prior to treatment reduces costs and makes the treatment more efficient, often resulting in reduced surcharge.

* An automatic oil skimmer removes oil better than costly and time-consuming manual skimming.

* The cost of an outside contractor to haul away oil is greatly reduced with the installation of an oil skimmer. Since an oil skimmer removes oil and not water, the facility is not charged for hauling away water. In addition, with the container collecting oil without water, it is possible that the oil has value, thus reversing the charge.

* Using an oil skimmer prevents foul odors. When an oil layer forms on the water surface, it prevents oxygen from reaching the water, allowing anaerobic bacteria to grow. This bacteria causes the odor.

* If oil is left to build up, it can potentially be a fire hazard. An oil skimmer helps reduce that threat by...

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