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CRW Engineering Group, LLC is excited to welcome Andrea Meeks. PE; Karl Hulse. PE; and Matt Edge, PE, PTOE, to CRW's leadership

Meeks is a civil and environmental engineer with more than sixteen years of Alaska engineering experience. She joined CRW in 2003 after spending three years working in Unalaskaand continues to work for rural Alaska, designing infrastructure and facilities.

Hulse is a licensed civil and environmental engineer with nineteen years of experience in Alaska He has been part of the CRW team for the past fourteen years and focuses on projects that directly benefit the health and welfare of Alaska community residents, bringing new and improved energy and sanitation systems to rural Alaska.

Edge, a licensed civil and environmental engineer and certified Professional Traffic Operations Engineer, has been contributing to CRW's design for the past seventeen years. Known for his dedication to CRW client needs, Edge's hands-on project management has led to the successful completion of transportation, drainage, and sanitation improvement projects throughout Alaska

Alaska Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office

The Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office announced Erika McConnetl has been appointed as its new Director. McConnell joins the office after fourteen years with the Municipality of Anchorage, where she oversaw special land use permits for alcohol and wrote the city's marijuana land use regulations.

Mt. McKinley Bank

Amy Richards was promoted to Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer of Mt. McKinley Bank Richards has been with the bank for more than thirty years working entirely in the Deposit Operations area. Richards oversees five offices and is a member of the bank's Asset Liability and Compliance Committees.

Kaye Kingkade has been promoted to Senior Vice President Kingkade ce1 ebrates her 30th Anniversary with Mt McKinley Bank in 2017. In addition to her other duties, Kingkade is responsible for marketing and contributions Kingkade started her career at Mt. McKinley Bank as a teller and moved up the ranks.

Dawn Thompson has been promoted to Senior Vice President and Information Systems Manager. Thompson has been with the Bank for thirty-three years starting her Mt. McKinley Bank career in the Loan Servicing Department. In 2000 she made the decision to move to the IT Department. Thompson now oversees all of the data systems of the bank as well as the Business Continuity Plan and Vendor Management.

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