Riding the wave is simply beautiful.

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Maybe it's an overreaction from a floral-deprived childhood--Dad was the family gardener and he insisted exclusively on greenery--but as soon as warm weather hits, we're more than ready to fill the yard with bright, beautifully colored flowers. Of course, like everyone else, we seem to be on the run constantly with never enough hours in the day for household or outdoor chores--and certainly not enough time to research plant varieties and care information. So, we took a flyer on the Ball Horticultural Company and their promise of "Beautiful gardens made simple"--and never looked back. Its "Simply Beautiful" line is among the top-performing annuals and perennials on the market today. Among our "beautiful" selections this season are Angel Mist Lavender Stripe Angelonia (with consistently large, orchidlike blooms on each spire); Wild Dancer Eragrotis (this grass grows up to four feet high with narrow, bluish green foliage); Fusion Glow Exotic Impatiens (these eye-poppers grow up to 12" tall and spread up to 15"); and Kong Rose Coleus (huge, colorful leaves up to 8" across with vibrant rose-hued centers that are surrounded by bright-green edges).

There also are colors galore to be...

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