Author:Baler, Timothy

WHEN ALASKAN-BORN, Puerto Rican Army vet Rey Colon caught the entrepreneurial bug, he caught it bad. With sales and customer service behind him--and with four years of his own military service to provide some discipline--Colon's first business, started in 2000, was New Step Solutions, which leveraged technology to provide personal financing services--a deft way of saying it was an online blunder.

"Of course, like most entrepreneurs, you start off and everything went well," he said. "Then you make a few bad decisions and the market changes. New regulations come up ..." and you know how it goes. Before you can say "Bob's your uncle," it's good-bye start up.

Colon, however, has a fresh perspective on blunders. You take them as lessons, analyze them and move forward. In a one-hour interview, he mentioned making bad decisions at a young age and in business. He makes them sound like old friends.

Of course, there's a lot to be said for great timing, too. Born in 1972, Colon was in his mid twenties when the Internet began to look like fertile ground. His second start up was an online marketing venture timed to perfection. Businesses around the globe were wondering how to rank high in Google searches and Colon was there to show them the way. He mastered SEO marketing, which gave him a wide view of the Internet landscape, where opportunities are only a bright idea away.

That bright idea was hatched at a Starbucks--and there's nothing like a handshake over a cup of coffee in a bistro in the middle of some weekday to give an entrepreneur honest to goodness street creds. With just that kind of notes-written-on-a-napkin ambiance, Colon formed a partnership that launched MyTelemedicine's predecessor, a company called AmeriDoc, which was acquired in 2013.

The telemedicine concept, in fact, is brilliant. While everyone is...

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