The road to revitalization; Let's support young professionals as they rise to their new roles.

Author:Carnrike, Tammy
Position::Attract Retrain and Retain Talent

Yp. It is a two letter term heard more frequently these days. Two years ago, no one would know how large of an impact this acronym would have on the way we're doing business today. YP refers to young professionals. They are under 40, creative thinking, hard working and an integral part of our workforce. They fill jobs in all sectors of the economy, such as health care, finance, legal, public relations and IT. But they are also a major driving force in revitalizing the creative economy in Southeast Michigan in the areas of the arts, film, graphic design, music and pure entrepreneurship.

As the Detroit Region continues its transformation into the "New Economy," supporting YPs and their talents will be a key factor in its success. YPs know the importance of supporting each other and the community; it is the way to achieve economic prosperity. The entire business community must understand this, too.

The facts that the current workforce in Metro Detroit is rapidly nearing retirement age and only 30 percent of the region's population has a bachelor's degree are good reasons why young professionals are now in the spotlight. They are the best at attracting, retaining and involving the under-40 segment of the population that the future of our region is dependant upon.


Young professional organizations (YPOs) are groups that support young

professionals and the communities that they live in. YPOs are not a new trend that is sweeping the country. Even though they are receiving more attention now because of their importance, many have been in existence for years. Across the nation, some groups have been active for more than seven, ten and 20 years (New Orleans' YPO has been existence for more than 25 years).

In this region, many groups, such as Detroit Synergy, Detroit Jaycees, Stay Place Social Club and AdCraft PM have been active for over seven years. See the sidebar for more information about these groups.

Over a year ago, the Detroit Regional Chamber launched Fusion to proactively attract, retain and develop our region's human capital into future leaders. Fusion's other purpose is to build connections between young professionals, businesses and the community and create Detroit as a destination to live, work and play.

Shortly after Fusion's launch, United Way's Leadership Next emerged, followed up this year by Detroit Young Professionals.

It is amazing to know that there are over 30 YPOs in Southeast Michigan. Each has their own...

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