Reviewers List

Date01 September 2019
Published date01 September 2019
Subject MatterReviewers List
Reviewers List
Reviewers List
This special issue would not have been possible without the work of peer reviewers who volunteered
their time and expertise to provide essential feedback. They are:
Aaron Bartula
University of North Texas at
Bradley Campbell
University of Louisville
Katrina Cathcart
University of Colorado, Color-
ado Springs
Vijay Chillar
Rutgers University
Hayley Cleary
Virginia Commonwealth
Ross Deuchar
University of the West of
Ashley Farmer
Illinois State University
Janne Gaub
East Carolina State University
James Guffey
National University
Wesley Jennings
Texas State University
Charles Katz
Arizona State University
Charles Klahm
Wayne State University
Wendy Koslicki
Ball State University
Daniel Lawrence
Urban Institute
David Makin
Washington State University
Aili Malm
California State University,
Long Beach
Peter Manning
Northeastern University
Jonathan Maskaly
University of Texas at Dallas
Sharon Mastracci
University of Utah
Michael McCamman
University of Arizona
William McCarty
University of Illinois at
Weston Morrow
University of Nevada, Reno
Geoff Pearson
University of Manchester
Bryce Peterson
Urban Institute
Michael Rowe
University of Liverpool
Christopher Schneider
Brandon University
Kimberly Schweitzer
University of Wyoming
Justin Smith
University of Central Florida
Jamie Snyder
University of Wyoming
David White
Ferris State University
Michael White
Arizona State University
Monica Williams
Weber State University
Jacob Young
Arizona State University
Criminal Justice Review
2019, Vol. 44(3) 408
ª2019 Georgia State University
Article reuse guidelines:
DOI: 10.1177/0734016819863196

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