Return to Your Senses.

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Return to Your Senses

Ronald D. Eastman II

Headstrong Press

9780997720303, $12.99, PB, 198 pp,

Synopsis: In "Return to Your Senses: Save Yourself before Technology Kills You", Ronald Eastman (an executive protective agent respected by many of the world's most prominent celebrities and public figures) explains how he went from being the "victim" to now protecting his A-list clients from predators, paparazzi, and dangerous lovers--thwarting threats against beloved actors, filmmakers, and musicians on hundreds of occasions.

Through his bold, personal narrative, Ronald demonstrates an exemplary model of wholeness, health, and happiness as a result of paying attention to his senses and developing them over time in harsh conditions. "Return to Your Senses" provides a hair-raising glimpse into the lives of celebrities as the reader learns: How to harness the power of your reptilian brain; How personal gifts and abilities can help find purpose in life; How use of our inherent...

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