A return to value(s).

AuthorRoach, Betsi

MROI. It's a lightning rod of a term, but as much as we hate it or hate to love it, we all know that determining the marketing return on investment is here to stay. That's now just part of playing the game, and, in many ways, it always has been.

LMA is undergoing a similar assessment. Over the past two years, we have actively been analyzing the perceived membership return on investment. As I have discussed in previous Strategies columns, LMA commissioned a study by BTI in 2012 that took a deep dive into the perceived benefits of being a member of LMA.

The most commonly discussed area of improvement for LMA was making sure that the content was relevant to the membership. Earlier this year, LMA embarked on an adventurous research plan to thoughtfully and scientifically segment the entire LMA membership. This multi-phase research study first included in-depth focus groups with more than 41 active LMA members that will be followed by a quantitative study among the membership at large. Through this research, our team will holistically determine membership segments through a combination of attitudinal and behavioral analysis as well as demographic and firmo-graphic data. We are eagerly awaiting the results of this research to develop more relevant content that truly fits the needs of each segment in our diverse membership.

However, we are also keenly aware of the notion of "analysis paralysis." There comes a...

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