Retaining the best and brightest for Detroit 2.0.

Author:Jones, Elizabeth
Position:Attract, Retrain and Retain Talent

The Detroit Region is in the midst of a transformation from the muscle economy of Detroit 1.0 to the brain-centered, technology-driven new economy of Detroit 2.0. To make this transition complete, we must win the competition for the best and brightest minds.

We benefit from several top academic institutions, yet their graduates often depart for "cooler" urban areas. Educated and skilled workers have choices. They can go anywhere. How do we keep them here? What do these young workers seek in a region?


The most important things they seek are a vibrant core city, regional support for that city and a rail system that connects the city with the suburbs.

Today's young workers want to live and work in an urban setting alive with creative energy. They want jobs that allow them to use their brains and creativity. They want to work in cool, technology-driven buildings ('mini-cities' within the city) surrounded by other new economy companies and cool buildings.

The line between work and play has blurred for young...

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