Responses to our Facebook question, "what should progressives do now?".

Author:Gomez, Ariel
Position:WE HEAR YOU - Letter to the editor

Work toward the definitive separation of corporation and state: constitutionally repeal corporate personhood; repeal Citizens United. Draw up incisive legislation regarding the illegality of federal/corporate collusion; round up and prosecute all guilty parties; dismantle the neoliberal cabal and all exploitative, self-serving laws they've drawn up and implemented.

--Ariel Gomez

New York City, New York

  1. Take money out of politics; 2. Rally American independents, progressives, Greens, and non-corporatist Democrats to get everybody on the same page; 3. Create a viable platform that is left-leaning and appealing; 4. Start a fifty-state initiative from the bottom up; 5. Focus on elections starting in 2017, while vetting three solid Presidential candidates for 2020. The DNC screwed this up big time.

--Paul Rodrigues

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Ending corruption starts with campaign finance reform. Workers' rights, public health, and environmental protection do not have to conflict with business interests. Higher wages and buying power will boost the economy...

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