Author:Vogt, Leonard
Position:News for Educational Workers - Claiming and Teaching the 1963 March on Washington - Online kit Media Construction of the Middle East - Education Opportunity Network

"Claiming and Teaching the 1963 March on Washington," presented by the Zinn Education Project's If We Knew Our History series, counteracts sanitized textbooks and demythologizes not only the march itself but the entire Civil Rights Movement. For information, see

Project Look Sharp has updated its curriculum kit, Media Construction of the Middle East. The free online kit teaches about the history of the Middle East and current issues through critical thinking about media constructions. New documents have been added such as a lesson on the U.S. War in Iraq which now includes various newspaper front pages about the final withdrawal of U. S. combat troops. The lesson on the history of Iran was updated to include an analysis of the Time magazine covers about the 2009 Green Revolution and the controversy over Iran's nuclear program. The update also includes student readings and assessments on the history of the Arab/Israeli conflict. For information, go to

Education Opportunity Network, which provides news and views for progressive change in education, is a project of the Institute for America's Future, in partnership with the Opportunity to Learn Campaign. The September 2013 issue included topics like school budget cuts, hungry school children, income inequality, "same" versus "equal," and the problem with common core tests. See

Workplace: A Journal for Academic Labor ( announces its new online issue "The New Academic Labor Market and Graduate Students," which provides a scope and depth of scholarship relevant for both graduate students and new and senior scholars as well.

Volume Four of the Journal of Academic Freedom ( mainly consists of a roundtable discussing the issue of academic boycotts in general and the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel in...

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