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Clearwater Nation is a 26-minute documentary about Pete Seeger, legendary singer/songwriter who acts locally to clean up the Hudson River and thinks globally to clean up the world. Pamela Timmins, a New York filmmaker, portrays Seeger's successful activism in the film with a selection of performances. Beginning at Clearwater's annual grassroots environmental festival, the Great Hudson River Revival, Seeger tells his story about the Hudson River Sloop, Clearwater, bringing awareness to clean up the polluted river. He introduces Clearwater's "Next Generation Legacy Project" and asks for volunteers to launch another environmental educational project. For more information, go to

Rethinking Schools (Spring 2011) features the theme of Climate Crisis in the Classroom, with an excellent editorial entitled "Our Climate Crisis Is an Education Crisis," plus three follow-up articles named "Got Coal?: Teaching About the Most Dangerous Rock in America," "Coal at the Movies: Classroom DVDs on Coal and Mountaintop Removal Mining," and "Science for the People: High School Students Investigate Community Air Quality."

Law and Justice (L&J) is a two-year curriculum for high schools and academies in legal and public services. The curriculum enables students to gain a deepened understanding of how laws and policies are created, interpreted, enacted, and...

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