Position:News for Educational Workers

Rethinking Schools (Summer 2011) offers cover stories on Teaching for Hope and Activism: the Wisconsin Uprising; teaching budget cuts to third graders; and a student-created play about New York City school closures--when the administration tried to shut the play down, protests let it go on. For more information or to subscribe, go to www.rethinkingschools. org.

Bullfrog Films this past year produced three first-rate films for use in the classroom.

Burning in the Sun tells the story of a young man, equal parts West African and European, who returns to Mali to start a local business building solar panels. Addressing climate change, poverty, and self-sufficiency, the film demonstrates how a small-scale, local business model can provide jobs, appropriate products, and empower poor people everywhere. Multiracial Identity explores the social, political, and religious impact of the multiracial movement and its effects on individuals. The Flaw, its title taken from Alan Greenspan's 2008 admission to Congress that he had been mistaken to put so much faith in the self-correcting power of free markets, presents through interviews a compelling account of the dangerous combination of forces that almost destroyed the world economy. For more...

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