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"Nolo's Law for All" is a handy Website that offers a wealth of down-to-earth resources and guides to help small businesses navigate the often treacherous waters of employer-employee relationships and other legal issues. Check out their extensive index at

Technical Software Consulting Inc. of Farmington Hills and Continuous Care LLC of Dearborn have developed a new disability management software suite called that combines workers' compensation claims management and short-term disability management into a single system. It also offers automatic updates for compliance with new government regulations and reporting requirements. For more information, visit

StatusView allows small businesses to keep track of employee whereabouts. Think of it as an enterprise-wide in/out message board. Because StatusView is an enterprise application, it would be wise to have someone skilled in the art of IT set this up for you. To download:

If you haven't had much luck trying to recruit nationally on such online...

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