'Resist the Lure' of Digital.

Author:Wylie, John M., II

Overall, a very good analysis but with one flaw: Online distribution of news in this age of speed, newspapers must resist the lure of joining forces with internet service providers whose price includes undue access to, sales of and intrusion into the lives of those who use the newspaper website--including their specific history of what kinds of information they gather. ("Editorial: New Year, New You," January 2020) We produce a syndicated feature that just completed its silver anniversary year, evolving from an NIE tool to a way to restore newspapers to a center of family conversations. Founded as "For the Kid in You," it now has the subtitle "Unlock Your Inner Child," with a header atop each feature (black and white or color versions) asking, "What can you learn from your newspaper today?" We include citations for additional readings but have to be very careful about even links to newspapers so that we don't expose young children or adult readers to abusive...

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