Resident Perceptions of Environmental Pollution in Recreational Areas Flooded by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas.


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  7. Parks and green spaces can provide the following:

    1. potential physical and mental health benefits.

    2. a respite from urban heat.

    3. an important element of urban stormwater management.

    4. all the above.

    5. none of the above.

  8. The potential public health benefits provided by parks can be counteracted by the potential or perceived risks involved in postdisaster use of parks, including

    1. environmental contamination.

    2. increased exposure to disease vectors.

    3. injuries due to debris and unsafe environments.

    4. all the above.

    5. none of the above.

  9. The purpose of this study was to collect information directly from residents who were using parks after Hurricane Harvey to inform public health and other agencies' postdisaster communications to residents about the potential health risks associated with using parks.

    1. True.

    2. False.

  10. In February and March 2018, teams of at least __ trained graduate student interviewers from Texas A&M University attempted to complete __ surveys of residents who were approached while using each of the six parks.

    1. 2; 10

    2. 2; 20

    3. 4; 10

    4. 4; 20

  11. To limit response bias, surveys were conducted on

    1. weekdays.

    2. weekends.

    3. both weekdays and weekends.

  12. The first section of the survey included questions to assess respondents'

    1. emotional response to environmental pollution in Houston in general.

    2. changes in feelings about environmental pollution since Hurricane Harvey.

    3. self-rated physical and mental health outcomes.

    4. a and b.

    5. all the above.

  13. A total of -- individuals completed the survey.

    1. 117

    2. 120

    3. 125

    4. 127

  14. The majority of...

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