Author:Satpathy, Sunil Kumar


Bibliomertic study is one of the most promising areas of research activities in the field of Library and Information Science and has become very popular with the development of various citation databases. Universities being the premier institutions in the field of higher education apart from normal teaching must contribute their research outputs for the benefits of society since large amount of public money are utilized to carry out various research works. Bibliomertic study facilitates the analysis of research outputs of researchers from various aspects. There are many government and private universities, autonomous institutions including technical institutions in Odisha. Among these, the present study covers only six state government universities such as Utkal University, Bhubaneswar; Sambalpur University, Burla; Berhampur University, Berhampur; North Orissa University, Baripada; Revenshaw University, Cuttack and Fakir Mohan University, Balasore.

Literature Review

Koganuramah, M. M, Angadi, M. & Kademani,B. S (2002) had carried out a research on Bibliometric dimension of innovation communication productivity of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, which reveals the domination of single author contributing 613 publications out of 663 publications. Maharana, R. K & Das, P. (2013) Analyzed 447 number of publications contributed by the researcher of Utkal University during 2008-2012. It revealed that Annual average growth of Utkal University during the study was 8.77% as well as they noticed that three authored publications (29.75%) dominated during the period of study followed by two authored publications with 20.36%. Maharana, R. K & Sethi, B. B. (2013) in their study on A bibliometric analysis of the research output of Sambalpur University's publication in ISI Web of Science during 2007-11 found that annual average growth rate of publications of Sambalpur University during the study was 30.53%. Out of 170 publications 47 (27.65%) numbers of publications published under Chemistry as a subject of research area. Swain, D. K, Rautaray, B. & Swain, C (2013) In the study Scientimetric dimension of research productivity KIIT University, Bhubaneswar and found that most of the publications were contributed by three authors followed by two authors and four authors respectively where as quite less number of publications contributed by single authors .Also the degree of collaboration was 0.93.

Chaurasia, N. K. & Chavan, S. B (2014) in their study on Research output of Indian Institute of Delhi(IIT Delhi) during 2001-2010: a bibliometric analysis found that out of total 6109 number of publications journal articles were observed as the most favored document type having 5731 publications followed by proceeding paper with 461 publications and Review with 192 publications . Maharana,R.K & Pati, S (2014) in their study on Bibliomertic analysis of Fakir Mohan Universities research output indexed in Scopus during 2008 to 2012 found that maximum number of four authored paper published during the period with 29.79% of total publications as well as degree of collaboration is 0.96 during the period of study. Kumar, H. A., Dora, M. & Desai, A.(2015) analyzed 760 number of publication contributed by the researcher of Gujarat University during 2004-2013.The study completely revealed that Journals are the most favored form of publication by the researcher of Gujarat University. Sa, M. K (2015) made a study on Research output of institute of minerals and materials technology India indexed in scopus during 2004-2013: a bibliometric analysis. He found that average growth rate of publications is 7.43%. In the field of subject area he found chemistry is the most productive subject area contributing 144 publications out of 419 publications which is 34.37% of total publications. Similarly keyword "Article" used maximum number of time in 82(19.57%) publications where as degree of collaboration is 0.98 and Journal is the source type of publications. Siwach, A.K. & Kumar, S (2015) in their study on Bibliometric analysis of research publications of Maharshi Dayanand University (Rohtak) during 2000-2013 analyzed 1247 number of publications of which highest 455 number of publications contributed by the researcher of Maharshi Dayanand University under Chemistry as the major subject area of publications.

Objectives of the study

The various objectives of the present study are summarized below.

  1. To analyze yearly contribution of publications

  2. To recognize most productive authors

  3. To find out most preferred subject area of research

  4. To highlight contribution of publications by type of document

  5. To identify the most productive journals

  6. To investigate the most frequently used keywords by the researchers

  7. To know the most productive institutions

  8. To study source wise distribution of publications

  9. To study authorship pattern

  10. To recognize most cited papers

  11. To study the Degree of collaboration

    Methodology followed for the study

    In order to get require data for the study "Scopus" used as the main source of data provider from where data were retrieved on dated 5/4/2015 by making advanced search choosing affiliated city option putting Orissa as affiliated city then limited to the following six state university namely Utkal University,Sambalpur University, Berhampur University, North Orissa University, Ravenshaw University and Fakir Mohan University from the year 2010-2014.The retrieved data i.e. 490 number of publications were exported into MS Excel and then data were arranged in a organize way based on the objectives of the study to make analysis of the data .

    Scope and limitations of the study

    The scope of the present study covers the research productivity of six state Universities of Odisha namely Utkal University, Sambalpur...

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