Books to the Rescue: Understanding the Goals and Weapons of Terrorism.

Author:Schwartz, Eugene
Position:Book review

Work Title: Books to the Rescue: Understanding the Goals and Weapons of Terrorism

Work Author(s): Eugene Schwartz


Byline: Eugene Schwartz

Welcome to Polis---the first issue of ForeWord Magazine's new occasional series on books concerning the global society. Our goal is to go beyond the bestsellers of the moment and provide the bookseller and librarian with depth of field in stocking their shelves with books that can help readers seeking to understand the history and causes of the violent turmoil that has engulfed us.

Joshua Sinai, Ph.D., issue consultant and program manager at The Analysis Corporation, provides a selection of twenty-five of the best books that address various dimensions of the issue. Consultant David Priess, Ph.D., contacted booksellers to explore reader interest. Librarian, issue co-consultant, and ForeWord reviewer Karl Helicher did likewise for libraries. Author and EBSCO executive Joseph Tragert looked at the reference and academic space. A short sidebar of books recommended in our Faith supplement by Ibrahim Sharif, editor of Starlatch Press, rounds out the lists.

This supplement's perspective is that terrorism is a violent tool employed in order to achieve various goals. It has a long history that precedes our own era. This editor sees terrorism as destructive, regardless of the ends it seeks to attain. Probably most American readers feel the same way. If that is the case, it is important also to understand the roots and values of our own social system that we may feel are threatened, and to know why that is so. Our own society is a subset of the many other human social systems around the world. It is important to understand ourselves as well as others.

In that regard, I have a few books to suggest that have helped inform my own world view. Our...

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