Reputation risk is tricky.

Author:Holland, Thomas R.
Position:Letter to the editor

Carlo Patetta Rotta's article, "A Ground-swell of Risk," (October 2009) is a valuable distillation of just how powerful the Internet has become, and how the public face of large organizations can be affected. For those of us on the risk management side of the house, particularly enterprisewide, I offer some reinforcement for Patetta Rotta's premise.

With respect to ethical behavior, senior management must walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Staff find out if management behaves badly, so the portrayal of behavior the author refers to in the article is, at the least, meaningless, and at the worst, counterproductive. Tone at the top issues still fall among the top two or three risks in any organization of any size. Risk to reputation is tricky; like a spider's web, reputation is built strand by strand over time, is easy to damage, and difficult, if not impossible, to...

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