Repurpose those holiday decorations.

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After the holidays have come and gone, instead of simply boxing up your decorations and storing them until next season, consider repurposing them. While it is true that many decorations are quite holiday specific, there are a number of items that not only can deck the halls at Christmastime, but all year-round.

Emmy Award-winning television hostess and interior designer Cathy Hobbs offers ideas on ways to repurpose your holiday decor:

* Frame leftover pieces of wrapping paper and holiday cards to create instant art.

* A bowl filled with glass tree ornaments will look gorgeous as a year-round coffee table centerpiece.

* Metallic finishes, such as gold and silver--as well as white--are "neutrals" that will blend with other colors and types of decor.

* Wooden figurines--as opposed to plastic pieces--are a more solid investment. After the holidays, they can be used to display in a child's room.

* Stockings traditionally are placed along a mantle and used for small gift items. These same stockings can be used during the year for small everyday things like jewelry, ties, belts, or socks.

* Those fragrant door wreaths easily can be used to surround a large hurricane lantern or candle and placed on a console or dining...

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