Report of the Editors of The Financial Review for 2015

Date01 November 2016
Published date01 November 2016
The Financial Review 51 (2016) 613–616
Report of the Editors of The Financial
Review for 2015
Srinivasan Krishnamurthy and Richard Warr
1. Journal initiatives and awards
1.1. Accelerated review process
Starting March 2016, following positive feedback from the Advisory Editors
and the Associate Editors, we have instituted an “Accelerated Review” option for
journal submissions. This option is intended for authors who have a publication
ready manuscript. We intend to provide a decision on the paper within 45 days. The
decision will be either to accept/conditionally accept the paper or to reject the paper,
there is no option for a revise and resubmit. The Accelerated Review track is in
addition to the regular track. However, a paper may be submitted to the journal only
once, either under the regular track or under the Accelerated Review track. Authors
should note that if a paper is rejected under the Accelerated Review track, it cannot
be submitted again to the FR under the regular track.
This option should be attractive for authors who have well-polished works that
have been rejected at elite journals. By giving a quick decision, we can help these
authors provide a home for their work. This option may also appeal to authors who
are time constrained, for example, those with an impending deadline.
Please visit the FR Web site for complete
details regarding submissions under the Accelerated Review track.
1.2. Best paper awards
We awarded best paper awards for 2015 based on polls of two groups: The
FR Editorial Board (the Editors, Advisory Editors, and the Associate Editors) and
EFA/FR members.
C2016 The Eastern Finance Association 613

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