SIC 7359 Equipment Rental and Leasing, Not Elsewhere Classified


SIC 7359

This category covers establishments primarily engaged in renting or leasing (except finance leasing) equipment, not elsewhere classified. Establishments primarily engaged in finance leasing are classified in SIC 6159: Miscellaneous Business Credit Institutions. Establishments renting and leasing automobiles and trucks without drivers are classified in SIC 7514: Passenger Car Rental; those renting automobiles with drivers are classified in SIC 4119: Local Passenger Transportation, Not Elsewhere Classified; those renting trucks with drivers are classified in SIC 4212: Local Trucking Without Storage; those renting personal items such as lockers (other than refrigerated), clothes, and pillows are classified in SIC 7299: Miscellaneous Personal Services, Not Elsewhere Classified; those renting amusement and recreation items, such as bicycles, canoes, and beach chairs and accessories are classified in SIC 7999: Amusement and Recreation Services, Not Elsewhere Classified; and those renting commercial boats are classified in SIC 4499: Water Transportation Services, Not Elsewhere Classified. Establishments producing machinery and equipment (including computers and other data processing equipment) which lease or sell their products are classified in the manufacturing industries. Manufacturers' sales branches or offices leasing or selling the machinery and equipment of their manufacturing plant are classified in the wholesale trade industries. Establishments primarily engaged in leasing computer time, including time sharing services, are classified in SIC 7374: Computer Processing and Data Preparation and Processing Services; and those renting or leasing computers or data processing equipment are classified in SIC 7377: Computer Rental and Leasing.



Consumer Electronics and Appliances Rental


General Rental Centers


All Other Consumer Goods Rental


Construction, Mining and Forestry Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing


Commercial Air, Rail, and Water Transportation Equipment Rental and Leasing


Septic Tank and Related Services


Office Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing


Other Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing


Companies in the miscellaneous equipment rental and leasing industry made short-term equipment loans to their customers for a fee. The industry, in general, garnered sales of $36.5 billion in 2002. Construction, mining, and forest machinery rental comprised $11.1 billion of total revenues; commercial air, rail, and water transportation equipment rental garnered $18.5 billion; and office machinery and equipment rental made up $4.6 billion.


The miscellaneous equipment leasing industry encompassed the rental of numerous specialty products, such as portable toilets, video recorders, tools, pianos, and party supplies. The major product segments were airplanes, business machines (except computers), and furniture. According to the Equipment Leasing Association (ELA), a trade organization, almost 80 percent of companies leased some or all of their business equipment in 2005. Approximately 6...

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