Remote work sparks workplace poster rules.

The government-mandated posters that adorn break room bulletin boards in workplaces nationwide don't do much good when employees are working from home.

That's why the U.S. Department of Labor just issued new guidance on how employers should inform employees about their workplace rights under the Fair Labor Standards Act, the FMLA and other federal labor laws.

A new DOL field assistance bulletin clarifies how employers should post required notices in an environment in which millions of employees no longer work on their employers' premises where they would usually be able to read official posters. The DOL says:

* Employers should continue to post hard copies at work, ensuring all workers have access to the notices. This helps satisfy a requirement to keep notices posted "at all times."

* Strictly electronic posting is only allowed if all employees work remotely all the time, all communication is electronic and all employees have ready access to the electronic posting at all times.

* When some employees work on-site and others work...

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