Reminders of success.

Author:Bushman, Ron
Position:Letters to the editor - Letter to the editor

In the October 2010 issue, we featured a look at what Ron Bushman, general manager at Shooter 'S Supply and Law Enforcement, and his sales staff are doing to "Drive Handgun Sales."

I just read the article. As always, you do a great job presenting information for us all. It was interesting that as I read it, I was reminded of a couple new promotions I needed to cover with the staff.

It is definitely a positive to review past articles and remind ourselves of the very things that made us successful.

Ron Bushman

Shooter's Supply &

Law Enforcement Equipment

Louisville, Ky.

We thank Ron for his time, and in reminding us of the value of promoting promotions, and in sharing the expertise of successful dealers. That's why we developed our new feature: "Ongoing Programs, Rebates & Promotions"--see page 37 of this issue. To our knowledge, this is the most comprehensive listing of its kind. In addition to its placement in Shooting Industry, it is updated weekly on our...

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