Remind shooters hunting is fun.

Author:Parsons-Wraith, Lisa
Position:Arms and the woman

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) recently launched a marketing effort to reactivate lapsed hunters and shooters. The campaign, called Take Me Hunting/Take Me Shooting, utilizes $500,000 in NSSF funding to encourage inactive hunters to get back in the field. The goal is to remind hunters of the fun and excitement of a day in the field, and encourage them to mentor a new shooter.

NSSF will partner with state agencies in three pilot states--South Carolina, Alabama and New Jersey--to communicate with sportsmen and -women who once purchased hunting licenses, but haven't recently. The campaign will utilize print ads, direct mail and a hub website, www.

Retailers need to make reactivating lapsed shooters and promoting the shooting sports their mission. Sometimes, with all the politics associated with firearms, people forget shooting is fun. A day in the field is better than any video game, and while gun safety is very serious, hunting is, above all, a fun pastime.

Women come to the shooting sports for myriad reasons, but most who stick with it do so because it's different, social and enjoyable. Those adjectives are key when contemplating how to remind women with busy lives that they haven't been out in the field or visited the range recently.

A Taste Of Hunting

H&H Gun Range in Oklahoma City, Okla., decided to jog their customers' memories about hunting season with the event "A Taste of Hunting."

"People get busy living their lives--going to football games and soccer games -- and hunting season...

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