Remembering Our Libraries.

Author:McMillon, Kim

Remembering Our Libraries Amiri, Malcolm, Maya, Audre, Wanda Tom Dent, Hoyt Fuller, Larry Neal, Jayne Cortez All my Black Folks My literary Cosmic Library I have read you with my soul And when you passed I held your libraries in awkward hands How do you hold a giant? How do you celebrate, art? In its rich, Blackness Being and Feeling Blackness-----real Blackness-----you feel Opening doors, not seen before Not in high school history books Oh, I know, I have looked Trying to find my real My family, my folks Weighed down by sorrow songs Speaking in tongues--words Demanding self-determination A Black Aesthetics My brothers and sisters Telling me, telling me the beauty in my Blackness Singing hallelujah Over my body...

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