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It's quite incredible to think of all the accomplishments each and every legal marketer can have in one day.

And when I review all these great success stories, what comes to mind is how each and every one of you stays motivated, rejuvenated and energized. I thought I might make a quick list of examples, techniques and--forgive me--strategies, that I hope will provide a boost the next time you need it.

Recognize Your Strengths

The best CMOs know that they have limitations. To overcome those limitations, they hire folks who can do the things they can't. The same would be true for a one-person marketing department. Choose the right team based on how you think (process versus alternatives) or other psychological or personality factors.

That's What Friends Are For

You can't do it alone, nor should you want to. It is a lot more fun to share your life with other people. Whether you're a CMO with a 40-person team or a one-person marketing department, everyone needs a peer to lean on and laugh with.

Career Map

Often marketing directors can feel adrift--lost in the daily grind. We all know one of the most important ways to overcome this feeling is to step back and review the strategic marketing plan. One of the best pieces of advice I received was to make a plan for my life, as well as my daily job.

Celebrate Success

Please celebrate your successes. How? Some examples I have seen include taking a Friday afternoon off. Call an impromptu marketing department meeting to publicly acknowledge the good deeds of a team member. Send an email when a partner draws a connection proving ROI. Craft that monthly BD newsletter to go firmwide--or even ring a bell every time a big public relations hit comes in. The point is that everyone needs praise--and all of us have a reason to deserve it.

My last piece of advice: Take care of yourself each and every day, so that you can continue to move mountains tomorrow!

Dave Poston, 404/875-3400,

John Wylie and his family moved back into their home in Colorado Springs, Colo., on June 30--or, in his words, "a week after it started."

The Waldo Canyon fire began as a few plumes of smoke while Wylie mowed his lawn on a dry, hot Saturday. Three days later, it became furious, raging from structure to structure and residence to residence as it destroyed 359 homes and killed two people.

"It was absolutely surreal. We could just...

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