Regionalization Corner: Update from the Regional Implementation Task Force.

JurisdictionUnited States
Date01 March 2016

In January, the LMA Board of Directors approved the regional board nominations process and procedures for 2017. The approved plan follows current chapter and international board nominations procedures, which requires that all regional boards will be elected via slate. Slates will be determined by a Regional Nominating Committee, with oversight in 2016 by a Regional

Nominations Process Task Force appointed by LMA International. The slate will be presented to all regular members of the region for ratification. The timeline for this process for 2017 regional boards is outlined below.

For more information on the above process, nomination guidelines, and nominee criteria, please visit the LMA website at\regionalization.


FEB 2016 Regional Nominating Committee formed

MAY 2, 2016 Regional calls for interest/solicitation of nominations

MAY 20, 2016 Calls for interest/nominations due to nominating committees

JUNE 1-8, 2016 Slates confirmed by Regional Nominations Process Task Force

JUNE 22-JULY 8, 2016 Slates submitted to regional members for ratification

JULY 15, 2016 Regional boards announced

SEPT 1, 2016-2017 Regional...

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